Pre-Owned Certified Machines

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Our pre-owned certified machines give you peace of mind so you can begin production the moment you receive and install the machine.

Pre-Owned Certified Machines Currently Available

The Stopol Certified Pre-Owned Molding Machinery Certification Process

The process starts with a 42-point inspection of the machine. We review general features and functions of the machine, the hydraulic system, the machine’s surfaces, the clamp assembly, the injection unit, the controller, and a runoff and systems check. See below for details of each inspection.

General Inspection

1 – Machine General Appearance—Note and major defects
2 – Machine Nameplate Visible
3 – Barrel Cover present
4 – Leveling Pads
5 – Operator Gate function
6 – Non-Op side Gate function
7 – Purge Guard function
8 – Drop Bar Assembly
9 – E-Stop Button & Safety Interlocks
10 – Electrical Cabinet Switches
11 – Electrical Cabinet Modifications—note
12 – Note any safety components not present or functional Note any repairs made
13 – Manuals and prints

Hydraulic System Inspection
Verify proper hydraulic operating pressures utilizing calibrated pressure gages. Check the hydraulic pressures utilizing the Machine Set Up document (M.S.U.) if available and/or hydraulic diagram.

14 – Clamp Cylinder
15 – Advance Cylinder
16 – Injection Cylinder
17 – Hydraulic Screw Motor
18 – Hydraulic Proportional Valves
19 – Hydraulic Manifolds
20 – All Pumps (fixed, variable volume)
21 – Pipe and hose inspection. Clean and inspect tank, replace filters/strainers

Machine Surfaces

22 – Moving Platen
23 – Stationary Platen
24 – Tie bars
25 – Platen holes checked and retapped/repaired
26 – Bushing and guide integrity
27 – Heat Exchanger. Acid clean and pressure test

Clamp Assembly Inspections (Hydraulic Clamp Machines)

28 – Check Ram condition, Ram seals. If central lube system note and if functioning.
Toggle Clamp Machines
29 – Check for bushing wear, toggle integrity. If central lube system, note if functioning.

Injection Unit Inspection

30 – Check Screw RPM
31 – Check Profile for velocity, pack/hold, back pressure, and screw recovery to verify is following trace correctly
32 – Slip check test
33 – Verify all zone heats

Controller Inspection

34 – Does controller take inputs and is membrane responsive
35 – All Screens display and readable
36 – Update software as needed
37 – Note hours if available
38 – Machine functions in closed-loop
39 – Note options—hydraulic knockout, corepull, etc.

Runoff and Systems Check

40 – Run in Auto, semi, manual
41 – Extrude plastic
42 – Verify clamp tonnage with mold block

The result after all of this is completed is a “Certified Pre-Owned” Machine backed by StopolES®.

Your machines also come with a 90 day run warranty, including parts and workmanship.

Plastic Molding Machinery you can Purchase “Certified Pre-Owned” by StopolES®

  • Horizontal or Vertical
  • Trade-ins, demos or repurchases
  • Toggle, hydraulic or all-electrics
  • Tonnages from 50-2,000

Get performance and productivity at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

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