Injection Molding Rebuilders and Retrofitters

Rebuilt Injection Molding Machine

For manufacturers, rebuilding, refurbishing, and/or retrofitting equipment can offer outstanding value, allowing machines to return to optimum operating conditions and adopt the latest control technologies—all at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Whether you need to breathe new life into aging equipment or update legacy products with modern control capabilities, Stopol Equipment Sales is here to help:

  • Find the right retrofit or rebuild approach for your budget, timeline, and operational priorities.
  • Return horizontal and vertical machinery of any size from most major brands to clean and efficient working order.
  • Enhance older manufacturing equipment with performance improvements, improved reliability, and new capabilities.

An Experienced Rebuild, Remanufacture, and Retrofit Service Company

We have worked with hundreds of manufacturers across the country to pinpoint the most cost-effective choice for restoring and/or enhancing the capabilities of used injection molding equipment. We can help evaluate which investments will maximize the lifetime ROI of your productive assets, accounting for complex factors like predicted downtime, performance, efficiency, throughput, and safety.

Our full spectrum of services gives customers the flexibility to select an option that makes sense for their unique business requirements, whether that’s a full OEM rebuild or a targeted investment in a newer control system.

Injection Molding Machine Retrofit

A retrofit is the perfect option for providing technology upgrades for older machines that are still capable of providing great value.

Common projects include:

Upsizing or downsizing standard injection units to adapt to changing operational needs.
Installing hydraulic performance packages that provide enhanced power and efficiency.
Upgrading safety features to comply with updated regulations and improve overall workplace safety.

Control Retrofits and Upgrades

A control retrofit is a great option for giving functional older machines improved versatility, automation potential, and ease of use. We have experience executing retrofits for leading injection molding machine control systems including VDU2.

Refurbished Grinders

We have a proven process for restoring used grinders to clean, efficient working order:

  • Blades are sharpened or replaced as necessary.
  • The motor is tested and rewound, or replaced as necessary.
  • All safety interlocks are verified.
  • Our refurbished grinders are cleaned and painted, with OEM decals added when applicable.

After the process is complete, we can test-grind your parts to ensure your restored equipment is performing as intended, and all of our refurbished grinders come with a 30-day run guarantee.

Training for Rebuilt or Retrofitted Equipment

We offer the training needed to help customer employees get the most out of their equipment or new control capabilities. Our team is pleased to host customer training seminars at our facility, customized to your requirements and covering end-to-end best practices for:

  • Machine Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Processing