1760 Ton Van Dorn Rebuild

Estimated Completion July 2022

Rebuild Includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Clean and paint in OEM colors with new decal package
  • Platens cleaned and sanded, all platen holes repaired
  • New clamp bushings
  • New ejector guide rods and bushings
  • Ejector cylinder rebuilt
  • New Pneumatic air cylinder and valve
  • New/rebuilt traverse cylinder
  • New caliber, position cylinders
  • Motors rebuilt
  • All new pumps
  • New heat exchanger
  • New robot interface
  • Fully rebuilt and tested injection unit
  • New heater bands and barrel cover
  • New wire harness
  • New VDU2 controller
  • When complete, machine will be fully runoff and tested

VDU2 Upgrade Features:

  • Closed loop injection control profile with up to 10 steps
  • Cut-off selection by time, position or hydraulic pressure
  • Closed loop pack and hold profile with up to 5 steps
  • Coordinated closed loop recovery with selectable 5-step screw speed and 5-step back pressure profiles
  • “Drag-n-Drop” setting of all profiles
  • Real-time trace of the entire injection process
  • Selectable two-stage low pressure close with try-again circuit
  • Programmable auto-purge
  • Standard single core system with selectable set, pull and unscrew modes
  • 16-channel selectable process monitoring with programmable tolerance alarms, grahpical and tabular display
  • Data logging with export to Excel
  • Auto-tune barrel temperature control with graphical monitoring
  • Production data system with programmable end of production
  • Internal and USB mold and calibration setup file storage
  • Internal and USB key user access system, USB printing and print-to-graphic file, USB hub with three access ports
  • Large 15″ high resolution touch-screen and multi-function keyboard for manual machine functions and system navigation