Support Equipment

Annealing Oven – Electric Infared

Machine Details

Brand Custom
Size 26' L x 5' 6" W x 6' H
Model Annealing Oven - Electric Infare
Year 2005

Additional Machine Specs

Condition Good

ANNEALING OVEN – Electric Infra Red
– Approximately 5’6”w x 20’0”lg x 4’1”h
– (7) Temperature control zones, (1) preheat zone, (3) zones 5’0”in length each
with (2) zones per length for the oven
– Each oven zone/length to consist of (1) top and (2) sides elements
– All zones with have a separate SCR controller and percentage control
– (2) Preheat elements to be 6” x 36” and are rated at 2,160 watts ea.
– (3) Top elements to be 18” x 60” and are rated for 16,200 watts ea.
– (6) Side elements to be 6” x 60” and are rated for 3,600 watts ea.
– Total oven wattage is 74,520
– Top elements to have vertical adjustment
– Side elements to have horizontal adjustment
– Temperature will be controlled by the PLC, monitored and adjusted via an
operator touch screen
– 250*F process operating temperature
– Elements are capable of 1,000*F +
– System will incorporate a 750cfm exhaust fan with an adjustable damper to
allow for complete recirculation, complete exhaust or combination of both
– Oven to be constructed of 3” thick insulated panels
– Entrance end to have a hinged inspection door on each side
– Top and sides of the oven will be accessible via lift off panels
– Oven entrance and exit to be supplied with a slotted panel to adjust the
product opening to correspond with the part
– (4) destat blowers will be located at the exit of the oven to cool the part and
reduce contamination due to static build up
S.S. Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor
– Stainless steel wire mesh belt approximately 36”w x 25’ lg.
– 4’0” load area prior to oven entrance with all sides enclosed
– 5’0” unload area after oven exit
– Mesh to be 1/2” x 1/2” pattern
– Double reduction gear reducer
– Motor to incorporate a VFD to allow speed adjustment from 1-4 fpm
– Mild steel structural steel framework with a painted enamel finish
System Control Panel
– NEMA 12 Control Panel w/ fusible disconnect
– Omron PLC with LCD touch screen
– (7) SCR heater controllers for accuracy and durability
– (1) High Temperature Limit sensor
– (3) oven temperature sensors
– (1) recirculating air temperature sensor
– Control panel shall be furnished with all internally mounted control circuits
pre-wired to terminal strips.
– Control voltage transformer shall be furnished to provide 110 volts for the
control circuit with circuit breaker protection.
– I.E.C. motor control components.
– Motor control wiring with circuit breaker and overload protection
– A.C. Variable speed motor controller for conveyor and exhaust fan
– Covered internal wire ways.
– Master control relay w/ Safety emergency stop circuitry
– Remote Estop at unload end
– Load end inspection door sensors for operator safety
(interface to robot by customer)
– System diagnostics screen for troubleshooting
– 480/3/60 @ 150 amp disconnect
System Spare Parts
– (1) 18” x 60” Infra-red element
– (1) 6” x 60” Infra-red element
– (1) Din-a-mite SCR controller
– (1) Omron 8pt Current output card
– (1) Type J thermocouple