Injection Molding

2016 55 Ton Sumitomo, 1.5 oz. Vertical/Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Machine Details

Machine ID QSES1A00GZR5
Brand Sumitomo
Size 55
Model SV50M-C110
Year 2016
Shot Size 1.5 oz.
Clamp Style Vertical

Additional Machine Specs

Clamp Style Vertical
Platen Size 27.16" x 19.88"
Tie Bar 14.17" x 14.17"
Daylight Max 23.62
Num. Stations Single Station
Injection Orientation Vertical
Barrel and Screw 25 mm
Shot Size 1.5 oz.

*Motion no motion
*Wear and corrosion resistent WCII screw & barrel
assembly with needle valve nozzle without T/C
*Standard robot terminal strip
*Robot interface with ejected product sensor
*Software in the controller
*Dual hydraulic cp circuit
*Spi pattern
*Feed-throat water jack temp control
*Mold ejector plate return confirmation signal
*Multi-toggle & clamp force feedback control
*Production qualnity/quality monitors w/stocker
feed signal