Rebuild / Retrofit Services

Remanufacture, Rebuild, Refurbish

Any Size, Most Major Brands, Horizontal & Vertical

    • Remanufacture, rebuild, refurbish older horizontal and vertical machines to optimum operating condition
    • Use the latest technologies and controls
    • Spend less – these machines come at a fraction of the cost

Retrofits – Horizontal & Vertical Machinery

Technology Upgrades for Older Machines

      • Standard Injection units
        • Upsize
        • Downsize
      • Hydraulic Performance packages
      • Control upgrades
      • Options upgrades

Control Retrofits & Upgrades

Add New Versatility to Horizontal & Vertical Machines

  • VDU2
  • B & R

Refurbish Grinders

All refurbished grinders come with a 30-day run guarantee!

All Grinders are:

  • Cleaned and Painted
  • New OEM Decals when Applicable
  • Blades Sharpened as Necessary, Replaced as Necessary
  • Motor Tested and Rewound, Replaced when Necessary
  • All Safety Interlocks Verified

We can test grind your parts to make sure it does the job!



Customer Training Seminars At Our Facility

    • Machine Operation
    • Maintenance
    • Processing
    • Customized to your requirements