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Liquid Color Package

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Inventory List for Liquid Color-

(12) CM2000 SCG Controllers
(3) CM2000 Peristaltic Controllers
(2) KG-2 Pre-Mixers
(12) KG-4 Pre-Mixers
(4) KG-8 Pre-Mixers
(2) KG-11 Pre-Mixers
(5) UK Carts
(10) Mid Volume Pumps
(5) Light Duty Carts w/Pumps
(5) 30 Gallon Barrel with Casters
(4) Stationary 30 Gallon Barrels
(9) High Volume Pump Shafts
(17) Motors
(5) Light Duty Carts
(12) Level Indicators (9 Unused)
(1) Refill Pump Cart
(1) NEW! High Volume Pumpshaft
(2) Extra Pumps
Miscellaneous Delivery and Pump Parts
Mounting Plates of Different Sizes

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