OEM Pre-Owned Certification

Certified Pre-Owned machines are put through a rigorous 34-point checklist to ensure they are of they are of the highest quality when purchased. We have a knowledgeable staff of OEM technicians with decades of experience in manufacturing, processing, fabricating, painting, and machining. Below is a detail of our inspection criteria:

1. Machine General Appearance—Note and major defects
2. Machine nameplate visible
3. Barrel Cover present
4. Leveling Pads
5. Operator Gate function
6. Non-Op Side Gate function
7. Purge Guard function
8. Drop Bar Assembly
9. E-Stop Button
10. Electrical Cabinet Switches
11. Electrical Cabinet Modifications—please note
12. Note any safety components not present or functional

Hydraulic Inspection
13. Clamp Cylinder
14. Advance Cylinder
15. Injection Cylinder
16. Hydraulic Screw Motor
17. Hydraulic Manifolds
18. All Pumps (fixed, variable volume)
19. Pipes and hoses

Machine Surfaces
20. Moving Platen
21. Stationary Platen
22. Tiebars

Hydraulic Machines
23. Check Ram conditions, Ram seals.

Toggle Machines
24. Check for bushing wear, toggle integrity.
25. Note if central lube system is functional.

26. Does controller take inputs and is membrane responsive
27. All Screens display and readable
28. Note hours if available
29. Machine functions in closed-loop
30. Note options—hydraulic knockout, corepull, etc.

Runoff and Systems Check
31. Run in Auto, semi, manual.
32. Verify screw and barrel health via slip check.
33. Extrude plastic
34. Verify clamp tonnage with mold block.



Full Rebuild