Injection Molding

2014 390 Ton Toshiba, 48 oz. Injection Molding Machine

Machine Details

Machine ID QSES1A00CZ63
Brand Toshiba
Size 390
Model ISGS390NV50-27AT
Year 2014
Shot Size 48 oz.
Clamp Style Toggle
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Additional Machine Specs

Shot Size 48 oz.
Clamp Style Toggle
Platen Size 43.3" x 43.3"
Tie Bar 31.9" x 31.9"
Daylight Max-49.2"
Barrel and Screw 70mm
Corepull Yes
Controls V50
Voltage 480v
Hours 10,658

Min/Max Mold Height-11.8″/49.2″
Servo Hydraulic uses up to 65% less energy than traditional hydraulics
Tungsten & Carbide barrell with a hardened screw
SPI 32 pin interface for automation